Onomatopoeia and Cystic Fibrosis

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Cystic Fibrosis

Ghost Science Extension Activity: Cystic Fibrosis


Read the article below adapted from KidsHealth.org and watch the video then discuss the questions that follow.



What is Cystic Fibrosis?

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a disease that causes the body to make thick, sticky mucus (like the stuff that comes out of a runny nose). This causes problems in two major areas: the lungs and the digestive system.

The mucus is thick and sticky and can clog up the lungs. This creates a place where bacteria can easily grow — and bacteria cause infections.

Mucus-producing cells line the digestive tract, and this can make it difficult for people with CF to digest food and get all the vitamins and nutrients they need.

What Causes CF?

CF is not a contagious disease you can catch like a cold. It is an inherited disease, which means that it’s passed down from parent to child. Someone who has CF was born with it. Maybe you’ve heard someone say, “It’s in your genes.” They don’t mean your blue jeans. Genes make up the blueprint each of your cells follows to make you a unique individual.

Genes determine your eye and hair color and also are responsible for certain health problems. People with CF got the disease because their moms and dads each had a gene for CF. You need two CF genes (one from mom and one from dad) to have cystic fibrosis.

Most people don’t know that they carry the gene for CF until they have a child who has the disease because carriers of the CF gene do not have the disease themselves.

How Is CF Treated?

The aim of CF treatment is to keep the lungs clear of mucus and free of infection. People with CF sometimes put on special vests that shake up their chests to loosen mucus from their lungs. If they don’t clear their lungs, it’s very hard to breathe and they could get a serious lung infection. People with CF must also take many medicines every day to help keep them from getting sick. Some people with CF must breathe through a mask hooked up to tank of oxygen they carry around with them.

People with CF have problems with their digestive tracts that make it hard to break down food properly. Most kids with CF take medicine that helps digest food and some get nutrients through a feeding tube. This is a tube that connects to a tiny hole in their stomachs called a g-button like the one pictured below. This hole does not hurt and it is not open to the air. It stays closed with a plastic lid that opens and connects to the feeding tube when it is time to get nutrients. People with g-buttons only need to change them every few months. You can watch a boy named Jake change his in this video

Here’s is Maya’s g-button with her feeding tube attached Here is a picture of a g-button on a real person. Since no feeding tube is attached, its lid is closed. WATCH

Click the picture to watch a video about cystic fibrosis.



  1. What are symptoms of cystic fibrosis? What are the two main body systems affected?
  2. Is the disease contagious?
  3. What are treatments for CF?
  4. What questions do you have about the disease?

June 29th, 2020



Good News/Bad News


Sideways Stories

Chapter 26

What does it mean to be a good athlete but a bad sport?



How did Terrence ruin everyone’s games?



What did Louis give him?


Chapter 27

What did Joy forget at home?


What did Joy do to Dameon’s lunch?


How did Dameon’s lunch and Joy’s lunch compare?


What horrible thing happened to Joy at the end of the chapter?



Chapter 28

Why was Nancy so quiet and shy?


What was Nancy’s friends name?


What did Mac and Nancy do to switch names?


How did it change them?


What happened to Mrs. Jewls class?


Would you ever change your name? What would you change it to? (2 sentences)

Friday, June 26th, 2020


Good News/Bad News


Sideways Stories

Chapter 23

Who was Allison’s best friend?


How did Allison keep the boys from teasing her?


What did Allison do that was nice to help out others?

Miss Mush-




The librarian-


Mrs. Jewls-


What “secret” did Allison learn that day?


Do you agree or disagree with Allison’s secret? Why?


Chapter 24




What did Mrs. Jewls want Dameon to do?



Why was Dameon upset when he got back to class?



Where was his pencil?



Chapter 25

What seemed unusual when Jenny got to school that day?


Why was Jenny frightened?


As she left what did the bald man tell her?


What would you do if you showed up to school and no one was here?



Monday, June 22nd


Good News/Bad News


Sideways Stories

Chapter 20


What does Kathy think about you?


Who did Kathy like?


Why doesn’t Kathy like anyone?





Mrs. Jewls-








Did Kathy have valid reasons for hating everyone?



Chapter 21

How did the other children treat Ron when he tried to play kickball with them?


How did Louis help?


What happened the second day?


When Louis asked Ron why he wanted to play kickball when he wasn’t even very good how did Ron react?


Has there ever been something that you really liked to do but weren’t very good at? What was it and did you continue doing it? (2 sentences)


Chapter 22

What were the three Erics’ nicknames?

Eric Bacon-


Eric Fry-


Eric Ovens-



Did their nicknames fit them? Explain. (3 sentences, one for each Eric)





Do you have any nicknames? What are they and how did you get those nicknames? Who gave you those nicknames?

If you don’t have any nicknames think of someone you know that does have nicknames and write about their nicknames.



Friday, June 19th


Good News/Bad News


Sideways Stories

Chapter 16

Which students in Mrs. Jewls’ class have the best smiles?



What happened to the classroom when the people in it started laughing?



What was DJ’s reason for smiling?


Chapter 17

What was John’s problem?


How did John solve his problem?


How did Mrs. Jewls want John to solve his problem?


In your opinion, who’s solution was better, Mrs. Jewls or Johns?


Chapter 18



What was Leslie’s problem?



What did the other children suggest she do with her toes?





What was Louis going to do with Leslie’s toes?


What did Leslie decide to do with her toes?



How was John “cured” of his problem?



Monday, June 15th


Good News/Bad News


Sideways Stories

Chapter 13

How many teeth does Rondi have? Which teeth is she missing?


Why was Rondi confused?


Why did she get to trouble?


What did she do to Louis, the P.E. teacher?



Chapter 14

Why did Mrs. Jewls’ classroom stink?


What was the new students’ name?


How did the children greet the new student?


How would you greet a new student?



What happened to Sammy as Mrs. Jewls removed his rain coats?



Chapter 15

How did Deedee get down the stairs?


What color balls do they have for recess at Wayside school?


What was Deedee’s problem?



What was Deedee’s solution?






Friday, June 12th, Sideways Stories: Chapters 9, 10, and 11


Counting breaths

Breathe in 1 – 2 – 3

Relax forehead – neck and shoulders – tummy

Try on your own

Breathe naturally

Good News/Bad News



Drawings Of Bebe, Calvin And Myron


Sideways Stories


Chapter 9 – Maurecia

List all the ice cream flavors that Maurecia got sick of.


What kind of ice cream did Mrs. Jewls first bring in?


How many different flavors had Mrs. Jewls brought in by the end of the month?


What was everyone’s favorite flavor?


What was Maurecia’s favorite flavor?


What’s your favorite flavor ice cream and why?



Chapter 10 – Paul

What did Paul do to Leslie?


What was his consequence?


Chapter 11 – Dana

What was wrong with Dana that she couldn’t do Arithmetic?



Why did the other students say they couldn’t do Arithmetic?












How did Mrs. Jewls get Dana’s Mosquito bites to quit itching?







Homework for Monday, June 15th: Making drawings of Maurecia, Paul, and Dana +send them to Mme Carpenzano’s ENT

Monday, June 8th


Good News/Bad News




Sideways Stories


Chapter 6 – Bebe


What is BeBe’s full name? What is interesting about Bebe’s name?


How long did it take for her to draw pictures?





Why do you think Bebe can draw an egg and watermelon in the same amount of time?


Do you think Bebe is doing her very best work on her drawings? Why or why not?


Who do you think put more detail into their drawings- Bebe or Calvin? Why?



How did Bebe react to what Miss Jewls said about the quality of art?



Chapter 7–Calvin

Besides being built 30 stories tall instead of long, what else was strange about their school?


Who teaches the class on the 19th story?



What did Calvin end up doing?




Chapter 8–Myron

What was Myron selected as?


In your opinion, what is a class president responsible for?


What did Mrs. Jewls say he was responsible for?


How did Myron feel about his job?


What happened on the way home from school?


Why did Myron lose his position as president?


How long did it take Stephen to figure out how to work the light switches?



Homework: Make drawings of Bebe, Calvin, and Myron for Friday, June 12th

Friday, June 5th: Sharie + Todd


Good News/Bad News 



Sideways Stories Reading and Questions


Chapter 4: Sharie


How do some people learn best according to Mrs. Jewls? (2 sentences)



What did Kathy scream?



What happened to Sharie?


Chapter 5: Todd


How does Mrs. Jewls’ behavior system work?








How did Todd get his name on the board?


What did Mrs. Jewls give Todd a check mark?


What did Todd give the robbers?


Why did Mrs. Jewls circle Todd’s name?



What would you do if there was a robber in your classroom?



Why did Todd feel like a star baseball player when he left for the day?



Homework for Monday: Make drawings of Sharie and Todd, and send a picture to Miss Carpenzano’s ENT email