Plagiarism and how to avoid it

Plagiarism – what does it mean? It is a word that sometimes confuses students and at the same time makes your teachers groan in despair. But never fear help is here!

Plagiarism fundamentally describes copying the work of another and submitting it as if it is your own work. It is a form of dishonesty and intellectual theft since someone who knowingly copies the work of another student, or knowingly copies something from an internet site and then submits it as if it were something they wrote, has stolen the work of someone else. That is not fair at all.

This video explains what plagiarism is (there are several forms):

This video explains how you can avoid plagiarism:


And this is a tutorial from the History and Geography departments at the University of Leicester about plagiarism:

Study them all and if you are still not sure about what plagiarism means and how you can avoid it just come and talk to your teachers.