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If you’re a student at St Denis or just interested in finding out more about the International Section then this blog is for you.

Starting in 6°BFI and continuing through to T°BFI, students study American and English Literature and learn about History and Geography in English. In 1°int and T°int they also undertake Global Issues (a.k.a. Connaissance du Monde) and produce a project based on work with an international partner.

To learn more about each class just click on one of the headers above.


Miss Carpenzano, Mrs Cairns, Mrs Grandison-Moreau, Mrs Matheson, Mr Callegaro  and Mr Webb.

4 thoughts on “The American International Section Blog

  1. I was taking a trip down memory lane when I stumbled across the blog again- now all the memories are flooding back into my brain! OIB was intensive, but I have absolutely no regrets doing it, it shaped who I am as a person. If you happen to be a teacher reading this, YOU ROCK, and if you happen to be a student studying at this very instant, I know it’s hard, but trust me IT IS WORTH IT!! Good luck guys!!

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