Wayside: Chapters 8, 9, 10



Chapter 8


What was Myron selected as?


What did Mrs. Jewls say he was responsible for?


How did Myron feel about his job?


What happened on the way home from school?


Why did Myron lose his position as president?


Chapter 9


What do we learn about Maurecia at the beginning of the chapter?


List all the ice cream flavors that Maurecia got sick of.


What kind of ice cream did Mrs. Jewls first bring in?


What did Maurecia think of the first ice cream?


How many different flavors had Mrs. Jewls brought in by the end of the month?


What was everyone’s favorite flavor?


What was Maurecia’s favorite flavor?


What’s your favorite flavor ice cream and why?


Chapter 10

What did Paul do to Leslie?


What was his consequence?




Wayside School


Try the following “mindfulness” meditation. Follow the rabbit to know what to do. Mindfulness can help you focus, be more calm, and be a better friend!

Sideways Stories at Wayside School

The next book we will be reading is about a very silly and strange school! Here is the PDF document of the book: https://www.sps186.org/downloads/basic/465683/wayside%20school%20book.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2xoUt_-e63MYAZSUnXk17ZyfBDzU_YhTeG306ZUJIBkVQA_WejRfMGbeU

For Tuesday, June 9th read chapter 1-2 and answer the questions and send your responses to Mme Carpenzano’s ENT email

Chapter 1 Questions

A) What does Mrs. Gorf threaten to do to the children if they are “bad” or get a question wrong?


B) How does she do this to them?







C) Why did Joe cheat? What happened to him?


D) Why did Louis, the yard teacher, think everything was fine?


E) What happened to Mrs. Gorf at the end of the chapter?


F) If you had a mean teacher like Mrs. Gorf what would you do?

Chapter 2 Questions

A) What were the children afraid of?



B) What was Mrs. Jewls’ afraid of?



C) Who convinced Mrs. Jewls’ that the children weren’t monkeys?



D) What did she say the children had to do after realizing they weren’t monkeys?



E) How would you react if your teacher came in and insisted you were a monkey and not a child?



Chapter 3 Questions


What was unusual about Joe?



What other objects around the room did Mrs. Jewls’ have Joe count?



What does Mrs. Jewls do when the children misbehave in her classroom?


Chapter 4 Questions


How do some people learn best according to Mrs. Jewls? (2 sentences)



What happened to Sharie?


Chapter 5 Questions


How does Mrs. Jewls’ behavior system work?








What did Todd give the robbers?




Why did Mrs. Jewls circle Todd’s name?





What would you do if there was a robber in your classroom? (2 sentences)




Chapter 6 Questions

What is BeBe’s full name?



How long did it take for her to draw pictures?





Do you think Bebe is doing her very best work on her drawings? Why or why not?



Who do you think put more detail into their drawings- Bebe or Calvin? Why?










How did Bebe react to what Miss Jewls said about the quality of art?

November 3, 2020: Ghosts Literature Response, Chapter 4

Literature Response Chapter 4 • Pg. 156-end (Kindle Loc. 165-end)

Answer the questions below in complete sentences.




lacking   v., n. without …you will never be lacking in spirits to call your friends.




  1. Who does Cat dress as for Halloween? What is Maya’s costume?
  2. Why does Cat promise to give Maya three-quarters of her trick-or-treat candy?
  3. What do Cat’s friends say to her that make her get scared?
  4. Why doesn’t Cat want to go see the ghosts at the Mission? Why does Maya want her to go?
  5. How does Carlos’ uncle José bring Cat home?
  6. What fear does Maya tell José about? What thing of hers does she share with him?




  1. Why do you think the author/artist chose to have Maya dress as an angel? Besides being “sweet” or “good,” what ideas do you associate (connect) with angels? Think about the themes (big ideas) that come up in this novel.
  2. A motif is an image or idea that recurs (repeats) throughout a work of literature (novel, poem or graphic novel). What are some of the motifs you spotted in Ghosts? Think about things connected to weather and air. 
  3. A theme is the big idea behind a work of literature. Not the story, but the ideas and feelings the story explores. What are some of the ideas and feelings Ghosts explores? Think about your response to #8. How do you think the motifs in the novel connect to its themes?

Most narratives (stories) have both an internal conflict and an external conflict. The internal conflict is the protagonist’s (main character’s) struggle with themselves, conflicted feelings they have about something on the inside. The external conflict is the struggle between the protagonist and some outside force, thing or person. Often, a story’s internal and external conflicts are connected. For example, in the Harry Potter series, Harry’s internal conflict is about connecting with his parents, his struggle to understand where he comes from and why he has a scar on his forehead. His external conflict is with Voldemort, but as the series unfolds, it becomes clear that both conflicts are connected: Voldemort has something to do with both Harry’s scar and his disconnection from his parents. Discuss the internal and external conflict in Ghosts. What does Cat struggle with on the inside? How is this conflict connected with her struggle against external forces? A few other ways to think about this question: How does Cat both need and fear the ghosts? What does Cat want, what’s in her way, and how are these two things connected?

Literature Response Chapter 1 • Pg. 60-107 (Kindle Loc. 69-116)

Literature Response Chapter 1 • Pg. 60-107 (Kindle Loc. 69-116)

Answer the questions below in complete sentences.


VOCABULARY: discontented, tether, beacon, essence






adj., unhappy…unless you want to lure the discontented undead.

v. connect with rope- Ghost cruise ships tether here on Día de los Muertos.

n. a light set up as a signal…a beacon to light the ghost ships safely to port.

n. the main part, idea or feeling of a thing or person- …they absorb the essence of the world breathing around them.




  1. What is an ofrenda and who does Maya’s family create one for? 
  2. What do Maya and Carlos collect on the ground outside?
  3. How does Carlos get Cat to agree to go on the ghost tour?
  4. Name one landmark Carlos shows the girls during the ghost tour and mention one detail about it.
  5. According to Carlos, why do ghosts like wind?
  6. In the hospital, the doctor says Maya’s coughing attack was probably brought on by the cold. Why does Cat think it happened?




  1. When Carlos asks Maya what she’d like to ask a ghost, what does she say? Why do you think this is the question she has? 
  2. Compare Cat’s reaction to the ghosts with Maya’s. How does each sister feel about them?
  3. Take another look at the excerpt below to see Cat’s reaction to her sister’s question for the ghosts. How does the second panel show how Cat feels about what she just said?




  1. Cat’s parents blame her for Maya’s coughing attack. They say she should have brought Maya’s medicine with if they were going on a hike. Some people would say it’s a lot of responsibility to put a kid in charge of a younger sister’s medication. What do you think? Have you ever been given an important job but then made a mistake? What happened? Did you feel bad about it like Cat does, or did you have different feelings? 

Onomatopoeia and Cystic Fibrosis

Onomatopoeia List

Quiz next Tuesday, September 22nd on these words

Cystic Fibrosis

Ghost Science Extension Activity: Cystic Fibrosis


Read the article below adapted from KidsHealth.org and watch the video then discuss the questions that follow.



What is Cystic Fibrosis?

Cystic fibrosis (CF) is a disease that causes the body to make thick, sticky mucus (like the stuff that comes out of a runny nose). This causes problems in two major areas: the lungs and the digestive system.

The mucus is thick and sticky and can clog up the lungs. This creates a place where bacteria can easily grow — and bacteria cause infections.

Mucus-producing cells line the digestive tract, and this can make it difficult for people with CF to digest food and get all the vitamins and nutrients they need.

What Causes CF?

CF is not a contagious disease you can catch like a cold. It is an inherited disease, which means that it’s passed down from parent to child. Someone who has CF was born with it. Maybe you’ve heard someone say, “It’s in your genes.” They don’t mean your blue jeans. Genes make up the blueprint each of your cells follows to make you a unique individual.

Genes determine your eye and hair color and also are responsible for certain health problems. People with CF got the disease because their moms and dads each had a gene for CF. You need two CF genes (one from mom and one from dad) to have cystic fibrosis.

Most people don’t know that they carry the gene for CF until they have a child who has the disease because carriers of the CF gene do not have the disease themselves.

How Is CF Treated?

The aim of CF treatment is to keep the lungs clear of mucus and free of infection. People with CF sometimes put on special vests that shake up their chests to loosen mucus from their lungs. If they don’t clear their lungs, it’s very hard to breathe and they could get a serious lung infection. People with CF must also take many medicines every day to help keep them from getting sick. Some people with CF must breathe through a mask hooked up to tank of oxygen they carry around with them.

People with CF have problems with their digestive tracts that make it hard to break down food properly. Most kids with CF take medicine that helps digest food and some get nutrients through a feeding tube. This is a tube that connects to a tiny hole in their stomachs called a g-button like the one pictured below. This hole does not hurt and it is not open to the air. It stays closed with a plastic lid that opens and connects to the feeding tube when it is time to get nutrients. People with g-buttons only need to change them every few months. You can watch a boy named Jake change his in this video

Here’s is Maya’s g-button with her feeding tube attached Here is a picture of a g-button on a real person. Since no feeding tube is attached, its lid is closed. WATCH

Click the picture to watch a video about cystic fibrosis.



  1. What are symptoms of cystic fibrosis? What are the two main body systems affected?
  2. Is the disease contagious?
  3. What are treatments for CF?
  4. What questions do you have about the disease?

Sideways Stories Questions Chapter 7-9

Hello! I am so sorry I am late posting the questions. You can take the time you need to complete the questions (it’s okay if you send them to me next week).

Chapter 7


Besides being built 30 stories tall instead of long, what else was strange about their school?






Who teaches the class on the 19th story?



Chapter 8


What was Myron selected as?




How did Myron feel about his job?



How long did it take Stephen to figure out how to work the light switches?

Chapter 9


What do we learn about Maurecia at the beginning of the chapter?




List all the ice cream flavors that Maurecia got sick of.



How many different flavors had Mrs. Jewls brought in by the end of the month?




What was everyone’s favorite flavor?



What’s your favorite flavor ice cream and why?