Friday, May 29th

Loving Kindness Meditation on Cold Planet Blue

Put both hands on your heart and send supercharged kind wishes to others and to yourself:

May you be safe

May you be healthy

May you be happy

May you be at peace

The power of wishes and thoughts

Good News/Bad News


Sharing of Mrs Gorf drawings

Chapter 2: Mrs Jewls


What were the children afraid of?



What was Mrs. Jewls’ afraid of?



What was Mrs. Jewls’ reaction when she walked into the 30th floor classroom?



Who convinced Mrs. Jewls’ that the children weren’t monkeys?



What did she say the children had to do after realizing they weren’t monkeys?



How would you react if your teacher came in and insisted you were a monkey and not a child?


Homework for next Friday, June 5th: 

Read Chapter 3: “Joe”,  of Sideways Stories

Draw a picture of Mrs Jewls and of Joe

Rome: The City (Lessons Thursday 28th May 2020)

These are the links are activity sheet we will be using in the two lessons today:

Useful links:

1) Map of Rome:

2) Video of the city today:

3) Article about the city and the Empire:

4) Video about the Colosseum and Forum:­‐Empire/471348


Activity sheet used in Thursday 28th May lessons:

Rome city homework




4° History Chapter 6: The French and the Vote

This chapter covers a crucial period in French history from 1815 and the defeat of Napoleon through to the Second Empire of Napoleon III. It focuses on the changes in who could vote and participate in the electoral life of France.

Key concepts you will learn about include census suffrage and universal suffrage. Suffrage means the right to vote.

Click on the document below to have access to the chapter:

History Chp 6 French and Vote Texta

Click here to access the worksheet:

History Chp 6 activitiesa


History: The American Revolution

This key part of the final History Theme in 2°OIB paves the way for your ongoing studies in 1°OIB. The purpose of this chapter is to understand how a revolt in a British colony founded a new political model which recognized universal principles and was a source of inspiration for the French Revolution (which is studied in 1°OIB and forms part of the forthcoming Summer Assignment).

A fun way to start is by watching this video:

If you have time on your hands this video gives more detail:

Here is the chapter you need to carefully read, study and then use to answer questions 1-9 (don’t forget Britannica has a good section about this revolution too – if you have lost your password, just email me):

22.4-The American Revolution


There are also these documents:

2.4 American Revolution

2.4.1 American Revolution Part 2



Geography Chapter 6: The European Union

This chapter focuses on how the European Union transfers wealth between member states from richer to poorer members. You will be learning about EU structural funds and how they are used to reduce disparities (differences) between different EU regions.

To learn more about the EU and the 27 member states, click on this link:

To download the chapter introduction and map showing countries eligible for EU structural funds, click here:

Geog Chp 6 Intro and Structural Funds Map

To access the worksheet for the new homework, click here:




Week of May 25th

Hello Everyone,
Welcome back to another week of online school!
Remember that you have work due tomorrow (Tuesday, May 26th, see gmail or Pronote).
Here is the new work to do by Friday, May 29th:
1) Irregular verbs: click on the link and learn these irregular verbs (click on the eye icon to see in French)


Email me 10 sentences using 10 of the words using present or past tenses.
2) Online activity:
Be sure to complete the online activity by this Friday (May 29) before 18h!
When you get to the page, please add your first name only (ajoutez uniquement votre prénom!).
When you are done, click on “envoi de la copie” then a code will appear that you need to write down!
Please let me know if you have any questions!

Monday, May 25th


Review: what is mindfulness?

Good News/Bad News


Please copy these questions down and leave some space for the responses:

Sideways Stories at Wayside School: Chapter 1 Questions


A) What does Mrs. Gorf threaten to do to the children if they are “bad” or get a question wrong?




B) How does she do this to them?











C) Why did Joe cheat? What happened to him?



D) What did each of the children below do wrong to get turned into apples?















The 3 Erics-




E) Why did Louis, the yard teacher, think everything was fine?



F) How did Jenny save them?


G) What happened to Mrs. Gorf at the end of the chapter?



H) If you had a mean teacher like Mrs. Gorf what would you do?



Listen to story

Answer questions


Finish your questions on Chapter 1 + draw a picture of Mrs Gorf in her classroom. Take a picture of your answers/picture and send them to Miss Carpenzano’s email

WW1 Reading and Quiz Assignments

As we move towards the end of this theme and prepare for the first Theme of History in T°OIB it is vitally important your carefully read and think about the ideas raised on pages 456-469 (which constitute two sections) from The American Republic textbook, chapter 14 below.

Once you have read each of these chapters please complete the two Google docs quizzes to show your understanding.

American Rep chap14

The American Republic chapter  14 is also available online here:

There are two Google Quizzes to complete.





National Theatre’s “A Streetcar Named Desire”


Attn: The play is about 3 hrs, so as with the other plays, it is best watch it in pieces!


A Streetcar Named Desire is one of the most iconic American plays, and one of the most studied by high school students in the United States, and throughout the English-speaking world.


2NDES: You are required to watch and review this play on the blog. In addition to it being a great play, you will study another one of Tennesse Williams’ plays next year as a part of your OIB syllabus, so this will be a great introduction.

TERM: You are required to watch and review this play on the blog. It is a great follow-up to Sweet Bird of Youth, as this is another of Tennesse Williams’ works!


PREM: It is strongly suggested but not required to watch and review this play on the blog. It is a great follow-up to Sweet Bird of Youth, as this is another of Tennesse Williams’ works!


A Streetcar Named Desire is available from Thursday 21 May 7pm on the National Theatre’s YouTube channel, then availble demand for one week until Thursday 28 May 7pm.

Please post your review before Thursday, May 28th.

Here is a brief intro the play which may help you write about it/digest it:

Consider the following in your review:

• The form and style of the production • The artistic choices which have been made, including sound, lighting, set and costume design choices • Your own critical appreciation of design elements and performance skills • What you think the creative and production team’s intentions were in staging the production • Significant moments in the production where you notice a specific performance skill being used or think a particular directorial decision has been made • Your own response to the overall effectiveness of the piece as an audience member • You could draw a sketch of the set and/or some costumes from the production as you watch