Friday, May 29th

Loving Kindness Meditation on Cold Planet Blue

Put both hands on your heart and send supercharged kind wishes to others and to yourself:

May you be safe

May you be healthy

May you be happy

May you be at peace

The power of wishes and thoughts

Good News/Bad News


Sharing of Mrs Gorf drawings

Chapter 2: Mrs Jewls


What were the children afraid of?



What was Mrs. Jewls’ afraid of?



What was Mrs. Jewls’ reaction when she walked into the 30th floor classroom?



Who convinced Mrs. Jewls’ that the children weren’t monkeys?



What did she say the children had to do after realizing they weren’t monkeys?



How would you react if your teacher came in and insisted you were a monkey and not a child?


Homework for next Friday, June 5th: 

Read Chapter 3: “Joe”,  of Sideways Stories

Draw a picture of Mrs Jewls and of Joe

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