MAUS Chapters 2-3

Please take the quiz below before Thursday morning:



Respond to/discuss the two following questions in the comments section below for your weekly participation grade:


  1. Using what you already know about the Holocaust, why do you think the author chose to portray the Jews as mice and the Nazis as cats?
  2. The novel often jumps between present-day Artie and his elderly father Vladek and the story of Vladek’s past. Look back at the frames of present-day Vladek (use info from this chapter and previous ones.) What are some of the characteristics of present-day Vladek?


For extra credit, visit the “Wellness” onglet on the blog for ways to manage stress during this difficult time. Wellness

Try the meditation exercise and comment on the post with your reaction/experience.


Dear students,

This is a strange and difficult time, with everything that’s going on in the world outside and also managing a new rhythm and way of studying. On this page, I’m going to post some things that might be helpful for finding some calm–bits and pieces of different techniques that may help.


Here is a simple 10-minute meditation with my favorite youtube yoga teacher. Give it a try and comment below on your experience for some extra credit in English class.

It can feel silly doing meditation the first time–and that’s okay! If you find it helpful, it gets easier each time! Set some time aside for yourself, once a day, or once a week. I meditate with a group on Zoom once a week for one hour and have found it helpful in the past two weeks. You could do it alone, or with friends on Zoom or skype –just be sure to launch the video at the same time, or do a “watching party” on Facebook!

Mme Carpenzano

Sweet Bird: Act II

Here is the link to the Quiz, which must be completed before Wednesday morning:

ACT II QUIZ Sweet Bird


Also, comment on/dicuss this question in the comments :

Examine how Boss Finley draws a parallel between himself and Christ during his television rally. How does he use religious doctrine to elevate his status?


REMINDERS–WHAT’S NEXT (everything posted on Pronote until the vacation)

–RDV for a timed OIB comparative essay test this Friday, 15H-16h30. I will email + post an essay topic at 15h and then you must send it back to me (either typed or photo of handwritten response) by 16h30 for full credit.

–The National Theatre in London is posting a performance every Thursday for free. This Thursday, April 2nd at 19H they will post”One Man, Two Guvnors” Featuring a Tony Award-winning performance from James Corden as Francis Henshall in this hilarious West End and Broadway hit. Streaming from 7pm on Thursday 2 April. Available until 9 April.

National Theatre Youtube Channel

You (and all OIB lycée students) have been assigned to watch this play and post a “review” on the blog. Take notes on what elements, moments, visual design and staging, you appreciate and use it to write up a paragraph “review” of the performance for end of day next Monday. Feel free to watch with your family!

–Act III Quiz on Sweet Bird next Tuesday.

Work for March 30th-April 3rd

Hello everyone,

Here is the work to do this week!

1) CNN 10 Assignment:

First, watch this video (Hi from me!):

Then, connect with your partners for the CNN 10 assignment via email to set up a time to talk:

Louise – Camilia

Matthieu – Henry

Théo – Gatien

Martina – Esther – Marc

Clémence – Lilou

Émilié – Thaïs

Martin – Raphaël

Philippe – Gauthier

Angélique – Mya

Please email you partner(s) to see when you can all talk this week.  You can talk on the phone, via Skype, Whats App, Facetime, etc.  It is best to video chat if possible so that you can see each other, but if you cannot do that then talking on the phone is fine.  Try to talk before Friday so that you can email me to tell me what you talked about.

You can watch the CNN 10 episode on your own:  Then, when you are talking (IN ENGLISH) with your partner(s), be sure to discuss one thing relating to the COVID-19 virus and one non-related topic (something happy from the video).  Try to talk together for about 10 minutes in English.  After, one person from the group can email me to tell me what you talked about (in a few sentences in English).  I only need one person per group to email me, but please send the email to your partner(s) as well.  Please email me by Friday April 3rd.

The goal of this assignment is for you all to connect with your classmates and to speak English a bit together.  If you have any problems or if your partner doesn’t respond, please email me:

2) To Kill a Mockingbird: Reading

Read chapters 23-24 (two chapters)

If you can print them then that would be great so that you can take notes.  If not, just read on the computer.

3) To Kill a Mockingbird: Vocabulary

Please spend 20-30 minutes learning the vocabulary on Quizlet.  Then, send me 10 sentences total (using 5 words from chapter 23 and 5 words from chapter 24) to show me that you understand how to use the words in a sentence (in a Google Doc).  Please email me by Friday april 3rd.

4) Take a break from new grammar this week– because you are doing the CNN activity, you do not need to start new grammar.  Just send me the exercises on pages 66 and 67 that are due this Friday, April 3rd.

If you have any questions please let me know!  I miss you all!


Ms. G

Discussion: A Raisin in the Sun

How do the different characters in A Raisin in the Sun think about identity? Is identity based on family? Faith? Values? Money? Prestige? Dignity? Occupation? Personal expression? How do the different characters think about heritage as an aspect of identity?

Raisin in the Sun: Timed Essay Test

Raisin in the Sun essay test

Choose one of the two topics and write an essay response.


Please send your response to my ENT email, or post your essay in the comments below.

Send your response between 16h00 – 16h15 for full credit.


Remember to construct a specific thesis statement that creates a more focused angle to the question.

Avoid “I” or “WE” in your essay. Focus on what the playwright is doing.

Frost: Timed Writing Test

Choose one of the following questions and write an organized essay response, using details and examples from the poems.

You are encouraged to use your notes.

Comment below with your essay response, or send it by email to my ENT account by 15H30.

You may type your response, or send me an image of your handwritten essay.

Don’t forget to create a thesis with a more specific response/angle to the question. Do not just repeat the language of the question in your thesis statement.



Section A : Poetry

1          Either     (a) Compare ways in which Frost presents the natural world in two poems.

2          Or           (b) Compare ways in which Frost presents work in two poems.

3          Or           (c) Compare the effects  of two poems which Frost sets in autumn/fall.

Sweet Bird of Youth: Act I, Discussion

Think about the use of symbolism so far in the play. Please comment on the post with your thoughts on the significance of on one of the following elements and what they might represent :

* Names – Chance, Heavenly, Princess, Alexandra Del Lago (means of the lake)

* Easter Sunday

* Costumes

Chance: white silk pjs

Princess: Black domino mask

* Music – The lamentation

*Birds – title

“soft urgent cries”

hawking seagulls

* Mirrors

“Chance rises, pauses a moment a mirror in the fourth wall to run a comb through his slightly thinning blond hair..”.

“The screen’s a very clear mirror.”

* Monsters: “When monster meets monster, one monster has to give way, AND IT WILL NEVER BE ME.”