Why did the USA enter WW1?

Welcome back after the vacation!

Before tacking this work make certain you have:

1) watched the video WW1 in colour and written your comments on the blog (see blog entry below this one) 2) completed the WW1 Learning Pack holiday homework.

This week you will be learning about Why the USA entered WW1 in 1917. The objective is to complete the following DBQ essay question (and submit it before Wednesday 6th May):

* Why did the USA abandon its neutrality, choosing to enter World War One on the side of the allies? *

To introduce this topic there are links to two short videos below and The American Republic Since 1877 Chapter 14 – you must read ONLY section 1 for this work. You should make notes of any relevant information which helps to explain why the USA joined the war from the videos and Section 1 of the chapter. This will then be the context you can use to inform your DBQ essay (essay worksheet with documents is also attached below).

How to organize your time:

1) Read chapter 14 section 1 + watch video (make suitable notes): 1h30 (or nearly 2 lessons)

2) Read and annotate the 7 documents in the DBQ essay pdf document (either highlight useful information or make notes on last two pages of the DBQ essay pdf document: 1h (or 1.5 lessons)

3) Write your essay response: 2hrs (or 2.5 lessons)

Total time: 4.5hrs (or 6 lessons).

Here are links to the chapter and videos:

American Republic since 1877 Chapter 14.pdf

The chapter (you only need to read Section One for your essay) can also be found here: https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B_JyI9HR2YxidXNBckZ0VFhPem8/edit



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