English Literature and HG Assignments for Summer 2021

Part One

English Literature Summer Assignments for all students:

TERM OIB Summer 2021


PREMIERE OIB Summer 2021

2nde OIB Summer 2021

3ieme OIB Summer 2021 Assignments

Summer Reading 4°

5° OIB Summer Reading: Buy the book ‘Wonder’ by RJ Palacio and complete the questions on this document:

5ème OIB Summer 2021 reading questions Wonder by RJ Palacio




Part Two


HG Summer Assignments for students entering 1°OIB and T°OIB:

(Scroll down for 1°OIB and T°OIB assignments)


1°OIB Summer Work

History Theme 1

HG Summer Assignment for 1°OIB 2021


1°OIB Summer assignment 2021 chps


Summer 2021 Homework Support Resources:


Crash course episode on Westward US Expansion:

Link to short video deconstructing the myth of the Alamo (3m):




Books T°OIB students need to purchase (for Summer Assignment and Prior Reading Assignments throughout the forthcoming year):


This is the History book for obligatory background reading assignments in each chapter:

This is the corresponding Geography book for each chapter:


T°OIB Summer Assignment


History Chapter One:

 Causes and Impacts of the 1929 Crisis, Great Depression and Responses


HG Summer Assignment for T°OIB 2021


Additional Resources to support Summer Work on the Great Depression :

1) Article explaining the different economic viewpoints of KEYNES and HAYEK:



2) Crash Course: Great Depression Episode



3) Crash Course: New Deal Episode





3EME History Homework

3EME History Theme 3 holiday work booklet

4EME History Homework

4EME History Theme 3 holiday work booklet