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The International American Section at Saint-Denis International School is a program designed to give students in France the opportunity to learn English as if they were living and learning in an anglophone country. Students in the section are either anglophone or excel in English, and their lessons are taught exclusively by native speakers who are experts in their fields. In addition to five days a week of English class, students also take History and Geography in English.

Beginning in 6ème and continuing up until Terminale, students are taught English through intensive reading, writing, and literary analysis in addition to studying History and Geography entirely in English following a specially adapted International American Section curriculum.

They are also prepared for Cambridge’s IGCSE Second Language English in 3°OIB, IGCSE English Literature in 2°OIB and IGCSE First Language English in 1°OIB – the same exams taken by students in the UK. Students can use the results of these exams for entrance into competitive universities throughout the world.

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  1. Hello,

    I am so happy to see OIB teachers on internet. Your site is fantastic. I teach in Dubai, British International Section and our first cohort will be sitting the DNBi next year. Would you mind sharing some information with me? I’ll leave my email below if you have time to answer a few questions. Many thanks.

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