Links between LITTOC and the HT brainstormed in class

Social Status: The hierarchy in the HT — Love in the Time of Cholera there is also a question of status for instance, Florentino manages to change his social status (motivated by his love for Fermina), and Fermina improves her status through marriage


Sex used as an escape or as a form of power

HT: Offred sees the possibility of using her body with the doctor, the guards, the commander, and Nick

LITTOC: Florentino to fill the emptiness of not having Fermina or perhaps other psychological issues and justifies it as “love”


Revealing the sexist structures of society and promoting feminism / decrying patriarchy

HT: women are used as objects/property – they can’t own anything and are “objects of procreation” , women cannot have control over their own money and are made property

LITTOC: viewed as “prey”, Fermina’s frustration in her marriage — “servitude” , Fermina is like the “property” of Urbino/doesn’t make her own choices

both use “irony” — Serena’s position in society anti-career

Use of flower imagery

HT: flowers represent fertility — Serena’s garden and her cutting of the flowers

LITTOC: Fermina wears flower representing  purity



HT: brainwashed society, sometimes a survival mechanism to manipulate others

LITTOC: Fermina is constantly manipulated by one man or another


Power of words

HT: not allowed to use words and write, Offred is sensitive to words, her narration is also like letter or a journal in a way — very personal , but she does speak to some sort of audience

LITTOC: letters, Florentino’s sensitive to poetry– uses this to manipulate women and continue his illusions of love


Deterioration and transformation of society

HT: new society

LITTOC: author tries to denounce colonisation/



HT: physical violence, mental violence

LITTOC: sexual abuse, “predator”


Projection of feelings onto nature

HT: Offred often talks about flowers and seasons to portray her feelings/her environment

LITTOC: world deteriorating, etc


Use of foreshadowing/suspense–non chronological narrative

HT: euphemism





T°OIB Mock Exams Feedback

FEEDBACK for December 2021 Mock Exam

PowerPoint Feedback with results and general suggestions:

T°OIB Ex Blanc Dec 2021 Feedback

More detailed feedforward:

DECEMBRER 2021 t° feedforward


FEEDBACK for Previous Mock Exams


Examples of excellent Examen Blanc essay responses from this exam:

History Essay Question: Assess the importance of the role of the newly independent countries, and either the appearance of Mao’s China or the creation of the State of Israel, in explaining the emergence of a new geopolitical world order between 1948 and 1970

New Geopol World Ex Response

Geography Essay Question: To what extent are US territories equally integrated into globalization?

US Territories in Globalization Essay Response

Geography Essay Question: How is globalization affected by cooperation and tensions between different actors at regional and global scales?

Coop & Tensions under Glob Ex Response





Chapter 5 and 6 Tasks: Love in the Time of Cholera

Chapter Five Tasks

1.       ‘Lolita is characterised by irony and sarcasm. It is not an erotic novel.’ [Samuel Schuman, 1979] To what extent could you make the same claim about Love in the Time of Cholera?2.       Why is Garcia Marquez determined in every chapter to make references to the colonial past and the postcolonial present?

3.       What do you think of Garcia Marquez’s handling of his female characters?

Chapter Six Tasks

1.       Comment on Garcia Marquez’s use of America Vicuna in the final chapter; why does her memory and death hover over the narrative?2.       Florentino Ariza’s mature love letters to Fermina Daza ‘can be thought of as constituting the novel itself in different form…’ – Kathleen McNerney. Discuss

3.       ‘The same civilisation that idealises lovers produces a global wasteland, and the private fantasies of romance are rafts on a sea of public devastation.’ – Jean Franco. Discuss.

Poetry Presentation Instructions

x Make a powerpoint or some other type of presentation following the TPCASTT method for analysis. Do not put all the information to “copy” on your slides. Like a good teacher, try to incite the class to do some of the analysis with you. Miss Carpenzano will also be there to help.

x  Before beginning your presentation, give the class vocabulary and read the poem aloud

x Write a thesis statement on your poem

x Choose an image to represent the poem and explain to us why you chose this image

x At the end of your presentation ask a few questions to “quiz” the class to see if they were listening 🙂

Please do not use the internet to research and copy-paste/plagarize/cheat. It is important that you think about the poem yourselves. It is okay if you do not see everything/do a perfect job. That is what Miss Carpenzano is there to help for.

Also, divide the work evenly between the two people working on the presentation.

You will be graded on:

Quality/efforts of analysis: 10 possible pts

Quality of oral presentation (confidence, reading of poem, tone of voice, easy to follow and understand, etc): 5 possible points

Quality of visual: 5 possible points



Poem  Binome or Individual Date of presentation (to be determined by Mme Carpenzano)
The Sea Eats the Land at Home Dao Williamson Tues, January 12
London Snow
  • Jade and shaïnèze
Wed, Jan 13
Afternoon with Irish Cows Carla et Irénée Wed, Jan 13
Watching for Dolphins Esther and Clémence  Thurs, Jan 14
The Poplar Field Mme Carpenzano
You WIll Know When You Get There Zara and Lola Friday, Jan 15
The Caged Skylark Mme Carpenzano
In Praise of Creation Amandine and Ines Tues, Jan 19
Ode on Melancholy Owen and Holali Wed, Jan 20
Coming ana paula and Je Wed, Jan 20
Stormcock in Elder Edward Barnes Thurs, Jan 21
Cetacean Victor, Gatien and Clement Friday, Jan 22
The Buck in the Snow Eleanor and Philippe Tues, Jan 26
Written Near a Port on a Dark Evening Yanou and Matheo Wed, Jan 27
The Kraken Jean Mikel Wed, Jan 27


Geography Theme 2: Diversification of Spaces, Actors and Production

This chapter is about how, at the global scale, the principal places and actors involved in the production of wealth are undergoing change, becoming more numerous and interconnected in addition to being concentrated in metropolises and along the coasts.

Learning Objectives 

  • Identify the different types of production areas
  • To be able to define the role of different actors in the supply chain
  • Understand how production areas constitute networks
  • Understand the New International Division of Labor
  • Understand how the digital economy influences production area

Key Questions

  1. What are the different types of production areas?
  2. How are production areas changing in the context of globalization?
  3. What are the major actors of production at different scales?
  4. To what extent do flows drive global production?
  5. What is the impact of the digital economy on production area?
  6. How do metropolises and coastal areas fit into production networks?


1° OIB Geography Theme 2 Outline

Chapter 4: Production Spaces and Global Case Studies

Principal PPT support for first part of theme:

Geog Ch4 Overview


Map showing global trade flows:

Article about the Digital Economy:

Video: outsourcing explained:


Video on Outsourcing in Bangalore:


Example of a supply chain:

Video (12mins) on the Apple Supply Chain:


An article on the Apple Supply Chain:

Case Study of Singapore

1° Gg chp4 Singapore



Chapter 5: Coastal Production Zones

Principal PPT for second part of the theme:

Geog Ch5 Overview

Silicon Valley Case Study:

1°Gg chp5 Silicon Valley resources

Silicon Valley Exercises and Map

Article about Silicon Valley:

INTERNATIONAL CASE STUDY: San Francisco and Silicon Valley


Link to the atlas of the future article and maps:

7 ways to map optimism

Geog Ch5 PPT worksheet

Chapter 6: Productive Spaces in France

Geog Chp6 PPT Overview

Geog ch6 PPT worksheet

French Industrial Spaces


Brittany case study work

Wayside: Chapters 8, 9, 10

Chapter 8


What was Myron selected as?


What did Mrs. Jewls say he was responsible for?


How did Myron feel about his job?


What happened on the way home from school?


Why did Myron lose his position as president?


Chapter 9


What do we learn about Maurecia at the beginning of the chapter?


List all the ice cream flavors that Maurecia got sick of.


What kind of ice cream did Mrs. Jewls first bring in?


What did Maurecia think of the first ice cream?


How many different flavors had Mrs. Jewls brought in by the end of the month?


What was everyone’s favorite flavor?


What was Maurecia’s favorite flavor?


What’s your favorite flavor ice cream and why?


Chapter 10

What did Paul do to Leslie?


What was his consequence?




Love in the Time of Cholera: Chapter 3 Tasks

Chapter Three Tasks

1.       Would you be able to defend Love in the Time of Cholera against the charges that it is pornographic and sexist?2.       Discuss the episode of the black doll on page 125. From what you know of Garcia Marquez’s career as a writer and the critical reception of his writing, what can you say about the genre of this particular episode?

3.       With particular reference to this chapter, discuss Love in the Time of Cholera as an anti-romantic novel.