Week of May 25th

Hello Everyone,
Welcome back to another week of online school!
Remember that you have work due tomorrow (Tuesday, May 26th, see gmail or Pronote).
Here is the new work to do by Friday, May 29th:
1) Irregular verbs: click on the link and learn these irregular verbs (click on the eye icon to see in French)


Email me 10 sentences using 10 of the words using present or past tenses.
2) Online activity: https://www.quiziniere.com/#/Exercice/G7QLND
Be sure to complete the online activity by this Friday (May 29) before 18h!
When you get to the page, please add your first name only (ajoutez uniquement votre prénom!).
When you are done, click on “envoi de la copie” then a code will appear that you need to write down!
Please let me know if you have any questions!
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