Monday, June 8th


Good News/Bad News




Sideways Stories

Chapter 6 – Bebe


What is BeBe’s full name? What is interesting about Bebe’s name?


How long did it take for her to draw pictures?





Why do you think Bebe can draw an egg and watermelon in the same amount of time?


Do you think Bebe is doing her very best work on her drawings? Why or why not?


Who do you think put more detail into their drawings- Bebe or Calvin? Why?



How did Bebe react to what Miss Jewls said about the quality of art?



Chapter 7–Calvin

Besides being built 30 stories tall instead of long, what else was strange about their school?


Who teaches the class on the 19th story?



What did Calvin end up doing?




Chapter 8–Myron

What was Myron selected as?


In your opinion, what is a class president responsible for?


What did Mrs. Jewls say he was responsible for?


How did Myron feel about his job?


What happened on the way home from school?


Why did Myron lose his position as president?


How long did it take Stephen to figure out how to work the light switches?



Homework: Make drawings of Bebe, Calvin, and Myron for Friday, June 12th

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