Monday, June 22nd


Good News/Bad News


Sideways Stories

Chapter 20


What does Kathy think about you?


Who did Kathy like?


Why doesn’t Kathy like anyone?





Mrs. Jewls-








Did Kathy have valid reasons for hating everyone?



Chapter 21

How did the other children treat Ron when he tried to play kickball with them?


How did Louis help?


What happened the second day?


When Louis asked Ron why he wanted to play kickball when he wasn’t even very good how did Ron react?


Has there ever been something that you really liked to do but weren’t very good at? What was it and did you continue doing it? (2 sentences)


Chapter 22

What were the three Erics’ nicknames?

Eric Bacon-


Eric Fry-


Eric Ovens-



Did their nicknames fit them? Explain. (3 sentences, one for each Eric)





Do you have any nicknames? What are they and how did you get those nicknames? Who gave you those nicknames?

If you don’t have any nicknames think of someone you know that does have nicknames and write about their nicknames.



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