Noughts and Crosses

Noughts & Crosses-has many similarities to Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Using the ‘Parallel Issues’ information below, briefly discuss the issues which arise in both plays:

Prejudice – Both families dislike the other because of what they represent. For example, the noughts were seen as ‘the unworthy underclass’; the Crosses as ‘the snooty upper-class’. The Montagues and Capulets both represent the enemy to the other family because of a past feud between the two. Connected to this is idea is the question: Can anyone become a ‘someone’?

Stereotypes – Some members of the Capulets/Montagues and noughts/Crosses do not know one another personally, yet still dislike one another. This is because they have generalised and put everyone in the same category.

Difficult decisions – Many difficult decisions have to be made. Both Romeo and Juliet decided to go against their families’ wishes and pursue a life of happiness together. Equally Sephy and Callum decided to defy their parents by continuing to meet one another.


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