Friday, June 5th: Sharie + Todd


Good News/Bad News 



Sideways Stories Reading and Questions

Chapter 4: Sharie


How do some people learn best according to Mrs. Jewls? (2 sentences)



What did Kathy scream?



What happened to Sharie?


Chapter 5: Todd


How does Mrs. Jewls’ behavior system work?








How did Todd get his name on the board?


What did Mrs. Jewls give Todd a check mark?


What did Todd give the robbers?


Why did Mrs. Jewls circle Todd’s name?



What would you do if there was a robber in your classroom?



Why did Todd feel like a star baseball player when he left for the day?



Homework for Monday: Make drawings of Sharie and Todd, and send a picture to Miss Carpenzano’s ENT email

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