Friday, June 12th, Sideways Stories: Chapters 9, 10, and 11


Counting breaths

Breathe in 1 – 2 – 3

Relax forehead – neck and shoulders – tummy

Try on your own

Breathe naturally

Good News/Bad News



Drawings Of Bebe, Calvin And Myron


Sideways Stories

Chapter 9 – Maurecia

List all the ice cream flavors that Maurecia got sick of.


What kind of ice cream did Mrs. Jewls first bring in?


How many different flavors had Mrs. Jewls brought in by the end of the month?


What was everyone’s favorite flavor?


What was Maurecia’s favorite flavor?


What’s your favorite flavor ice cream and why?



Chapter 10 – Paul

What did Paul do to Leslie?


What was his consequence?


Chapter 11 – Dana

What was wrong with Dana that she couldn’t do Arithmetic?



Why did the other students say they couldn’t do Arithmetic?












How did Mrs. Jewls get Dana’s Mosquito bites to quit itching?







Homework for Monday, June 15th: Making drawings of Maurecia, Paul, and Dana +send them to Mme Carpenzano’s ENT

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