Friday, June 26th, 2020


Good News/Bad News


Sideways Stories

Chapter 23

Who was Allison’s best friend?


How did Allison keep the boys from teasing her?


What did Allison do that was nice to help out others?

Miss Mush-




The librarian-


Mrs. Jewls-


What “secret” did Allison learn that day?


Do you agree or disagree with Allison’s secret? Why?


Chapter 24 



What did Mrs. Jewls want Dameon to do?



Why was Dameon upset when he got back to class?



Where was his pencil?



Chapter 25

What seemed unusual when Jenny got to school that day?


Why was Jenny frightened?


As she left what did the bald man tell her?


What would you do if you showed up to school and no one was here?



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