“Outdoor” Meditation

Here is a guided meditation on the New York Times website, with some soothing music and images of nature:




Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit (on a chair, on the floor, you could even lie down) and then click on the link and follow the written instructions on the screen.

Comment on your experience below (what moments were helpful, what was difficult or unhelpful, how you felt before and after) for some extra credit.


One thought on ““Outdoor” Meditation

  1. This time, the sound of the nature went through my head, and somehow made me feel nostalgic, and calm. I didn’t really pay attention to the words but to my senses. I went outside to my garden, sat down and listened to the sound of the water and nature. I also smell the actual scent of the earth, and even fell the grass with my bare feet and hands. I could say that I really felt in peace, but when it finished I realised that even if I can forget for a moment, i should not entirely forget. Is like Princess said, that she wanted to forget her worries and problems, but as in the end she had to face them. Time pressures people, since it is counted. I also feel pressured, but somehow I felt relieved since I know that in the end instead of feeling nature I will become nature, I will become peace, and balance. This is the immortality I look for.
    (Whoever read this comment, please ignore its madness, and try to do not analyse it) 😉

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