The Third Republic

This chapter covers the period 1870 through to the outbreak of WW1 in 1914. Lots of significant events happened in this period  and we will be studying three: the Paris Commune, the Dreyfus Affair, and the Separation of Church and State in France:

4° History Chp 7a

A short video about the Paris Commune can be found here:


For details on the Dreyfus Affair, which was the biggest scandal of this period, follow this link:

This short video provides a good overview of the Dreyfus Affair:

The first three minutes of this video also detail the Dreyfus Affair:

Here is a video on another important issue of this period, the concept of French Secularism:








Rome: The City (Lessons Thursday 28th May 2020)

These are the links are activity sheet we will be using in the two lessons today:

Useful links:

1) Map of Rome:

2) Video of the city today:

3) Article about the city and the Empire:

4) Video about the Colosseum and Forum:­‐Empire/471348


Activity sheet used in Thursday 28th May lessons:

Rome city homework




Sweet Bird of Youth: Act I, Discussion

Think about the use of symbolism so far in the play. Please comment on the post with your thoughts on the significance of on one of the following elements and what they might represent :

* Names – Chance, Heavenly, Princess, Alexandra Del Lago (means of the lake)

* Easter Sunday

* Costumes

Chance: white silk pjs

Princess: Black domino mask

* Music – The lamentation

*Birds – title

“soft urgent cries”

hawking seagulls

* Mirrors

“Chance rises, pauses a moment a mirror in the fourth wall to run a comb through his slightly thinning blond hair..”.

“The screen’s a very clear mirror.”

* Monsters: “When monster meets monster, one monster has to give way, AND IT WILL NEVER BE ME.”