Geography Theme 3: International Migration

In this chapter you will learn about the issue of mobility in the world today (pre-confinement). This video provides a good introduction to some of the key concepts regarding why people migrate:


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  1. Today, lots of people are moving from their country to another for some different reasons.
    It can be a social, physical or economic causes. So what are the essential points that make people to migrate? And what are push and pull factors?
    Let’s have a look at these three major types of reason why people do migrate.

    First, I’d like to focus on the social reasons.
    They are usually associated with the conditions of living. The important push factors might be poor services provided from the country, lacking of education for children, poor medical care or intolerance towards a certain community.
    For example, at the period of Nazi Germany, many Jewish refugees moved from the German.
    At that point, the pull factor can be a religious tolerance or a social welfare so they can have better living standards.

    Next, we have physical reasons.
    People sometimes moves because of the natural climatic or the geographic conditions.
    Pull factors are the attractive environments. For example, migrating to Spain to have warmer winters, or moving to the seasides and enjoy hot summers.
    On the contrary, the natural disaster can push people from the area.
    It can be an eruption of volcano ( La Soufrière Hills volcano, island of Montserrat, in 1995),
    a Tsunami or an earthquake ( 9.1 magnitude: Onagawa, Miyagi, Japan, in 2011).

    Finally, there is some economic reasons that make people to move.
    If we look at the pull factors, we can make out that people wants more and better jobs with higher wages. That is called ‘Brain-drain’, the highly qualified workers leave their country to looking for better jobs and have better career.
    But the final reason why they leave their country is the overpopulation and the lack of job.
    This is the case in South Korea because the population density in South Korea is 503 people per km2 which is enormous compared to the French population density (~ 119 people per km2 ,2020). Also, they don’t have enough jobs for everyone. That’s why many Koreans are going out of country to find jobs.

    The International migration of population is a global issue.
    But, let’s think about this, if we have an adequate condition of living and everything is alright,
    “Why do we migrate?”

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