News + Intro to Mindfulness

  1. Good news/bad news!

My good news is that at home, I was able to do some painting, music, and baking:

My bad news is that sometimes I felt scared and anxious, so I tried to do some meditation to feel better.

What is your good and bad news?


2. How did you enjoy Flora and Ulysses? What did was your favorite part?


3. Introduction to Mindfulness

So, when I feel nervous or anxious, I try to be MINDFUL

Mindfulness means paying full attention to something. It means slowing down to really notice what you’re doing.

Being mindful is the opposite of rushing or multitasking. When you’re mindful, you’re taking your time. You’re focusing in a relaxed, easy way.

Why Do People Need Mindfulness?

Being mindful helps you:

      • pay attention better
      • be less distractible
      • learn more
      • stay calm under stress
      • slow down instead of rush
      • listen better to others
      • be more patient
      • feel happier and enjoy things more

Let’s try a small meditation that helps us to learn how to LISTEN with mindfulness.

In this video, you’ll use your superpower of focus to find a little peace and calm as you mindfully listen to different sounds. Try playing this mindful game when you feel restless or nervous to help soothe and calm your nerves. You can also try playing this mindful game when you already feel calm, strengthening your curiosity and ability to focus and listen.

To play this mindful game, imagine that you are a rabbit hanging out in a beautiful forest. The sun is out, the breeze is blowing, and you can hear all kinds of sounds in the forest. Some sounds are quiet, and some sounds are loud. Some sounds are short, and some sounds are long. As you listen for different sounds, you will be prompted to place your hand on your heart, head, orshoulder when the sound fades away and you can no longer hear it. Some sounds you might hear include a bell, a rainstick, and wooden clap sticks. The trick to this mindful game is to listen closely to how the sounds change and fade away, and only place your hand on your heart, your head, or your shoulder when you can no longer hear the sound. Happy listening


One thought on “News + Intro to Mindfulness

  1. Wow your painting and singing are amazing ! (and I wish I could taste some of your baking 😋)
    My good news are, the sun is out and I spend a lot of time in my garden 🌄
    I don’t think I have any bad news, expect we have very few information about the bac oral 😬

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