Sideways Stories Chapters 3-6

Chapter 3 Questions


What was unusual about Joe?



What other objects around the room did Mrs. Jewls’ have Joe count?



What does Mrs. Jewls do when the children misbehave in her classroom?


Chapter 4 Questions


How do some people learn best according to Mrs. Jewls? (2 sentences)



What happened to Sharie?


Chapter 5 Questions


How does Mrs. Jewls’ behavior system work?








What did Todd give the robbers?




Why did Mrs. Jewls circle Todd’s name?





What would you do if there was a robber in your classroom? (2 sentences)




Chapter 6 Questions

What is BeBe’s full name?



How long did it take for her to draw pictures?





Do you think Bebe is doing her very best work on her drawings? Why or why not?



Who do you think put more detail into their drawings- Bebe or Calvin? Why?










How did Bebe react to what Miss Jewls said about the quality of art?



Sideways Stories: Chapter 1-2


Try the following “mindfulness” meditation. Follow the rabbit to know what to do. Mindfulness can help you focus, be more calm, and be a better friend!

Sideways Stories at Wayside School

The next book we will be reading is about a very silly and strange school! Here is the PDF document of the book:

For Tuesday, June 9th read chapter 1-2 and answer the questions and send your responses to Mme Carpenzano’s ENT email

Chapter 1 Questions

A) What does Mrs. Gorf threaten to do to the children if they are “bad” or get a question wrong?


B) How does she do this to them?







C) Why did Joe cheat? What happened to him?


D) Why did Louis, the yard teacher, think everything was fine?


E) What happened to Mrs. Gorf at the end of the chapter?


F) If you had a mean teacher like Mrs. Gorf what would you do?

Chapter 2 Questions

A) What were the children afraid of?



B) What was Mrs. Jewls’ afraid of?



C) Who convinced Mrs. Jewls’ that the children weren’t monkeys?



D) What did she say the children had to do after realizing they weren’t monkeys?



E) How would you react if your teacher came in and insisted you were a monkey and not a child?



Dear 6eme @ HOME,

Congratulations on finishing the book Flora and Ulysses! This is a huge accomplishment.


To conclude our study of the book, we need to think about this important question:

What do you think were some THEMES in this book?

Definition of theme:

Theme: the message(s) of the story


Here is a video to help you understand what a theme is:

Comment below: What were some of themes or messages of Flora and Ulysses?