The Battle of Hastings

To prepare for the return to school and to continue learning about the Norman Conquest of England, please read this article (written on the 950th anniversary) about the Battle of Hastings and complete the short Google form exercises (sent to your school email) about the Battle of Hastings.

What happened at the Battle of Hastingsa


This short video explains why William won the Battle of Hastings:


Here is another short video which shows you the Bayeux Tapestry, created to tell the story of the preparations for the battle, the voyage from Normandy to England, the battle itself and William the Conqueror’s victory:


What was the Feudal System and the Norman Conquest?

In this new chapter you will be learning about the Norman Conquest as William, Duke of Normandy, conquered England in 1066 with his victory at the Battle of Hastings.

First watch this video so you remind yourselves how the FEUDAL SYSTEM worked:

Then, use this worksheet and write your response about what the feudal system was in the blog below: What was the Feudal System Homework



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Here is a little tutorial I made to explain your first Distance Learning Assignment about Nuclear Power and Renewable Sources of Energy: