Case study of development and inequalities in Russia: Part Two

In this assignment you will learn how Russia is a continent which is rich in resources but remains at the mercy of fluctuations in their prices. It’s current population is just under 150 million inhabitants though it has lost population since the collapse of the Soviet Union (USSR) in 1991. You will also study, Norilsk, a town within the arctic circle, which has been a closed city since 1991 and is exploited for it’s mineral resources but pays a terrible environmental and social price.

Begin by watching the video tutorial which explains the work here:


Read the article under this link to learn about the closed city of Norilsk:

Norilsk: A Closed City in Siberia

Then watch this documentary about the city here:

The assignment documents and exercises are available here:

2° OIB Russia Case Study Part Two





Case study of development and inequalities in Russia

Russia, the largest state in the world, experienced significant economic and political changes during the 1990s caused by the transition for a centrally planned economy to one that is now market orientated. This shift created substantial inequalities that provide challenges for the government to manage today.

Short News report on the wealth gap in Russia (36s):

Article from 2019 about inequalities in Russia:

Video (made by Gazprom, so be aware of bias) about Russia’s hydrocarbon reserves and shows how gas is transported via pipelines and ships to different countries (3m55):


Here is the first part of the case study:


2° OIB Russa Case Study Part One

The Glorious Revolution, 1688

To help you with the next assignment about what was happening in England during the 17th century, here is a good site which explains what happened:

I have also recorded another short video tutorial to introduce the topic and explain the chapter you have been given, here:


Below is a nice little video which summarizes the Glorious Revolution that saw the creation of a Bill of Rights which ended Absolute Monarchy in England:

Finally, a short documentary about the Bill of Rights document:






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