History: Chapter 3 – WW2

This chapter examines the defeat of France, and the paths of Collaboration and Resistance that confronted the country during the early 1940s. It also covers the extent and violence of WWII, including the brutality of the war on the Eastern front in order to come to some understanding of the crimes against humanity committed during the Holocaust. An additional component is on the impact of war on the US ‘homefront’, with particular attention to the role of women in defence industries, for example, and the internment of Japanese-Americans on the West Coast. The role of the two atomic bombs in ending the war in the Pacific theatre of conflict, and the circumstance of the end of the war in Europe form important links to the emergence of the Cold War tensions after the war.

WW2 Overview PPT:

Hist Theme 1 Chp3

Article on the decision to use the Atomic Bomb:

Mod Hist Review Atom Bomb

Documents on the French Homefront:

Life in occupied France during the second world war

Summary of the US Homefront:

WWII Home Front

Chapter 3: individual work through end of half-term and holidays:

T°OIB Hist 3 WW2 Worka



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