History Theme 2: France and the US – politics and society

History theme 2 examines France and US society between 1848 and 1871.

Part One begins with a survey chapter of the short lived Second Republic which became the Second Empire (with an authoritarian and liberal phase), ending with the fall of Louis-Napoleon and the crisis of 1870 to 71 in France.

Part Two, the following chapter, focuses on the USA and the crisis of the republic with the onset of the American Civil War.

The theme concludes with Part Three which examines the economic and social transformations in France and  the USA between 1800 and 1870.

Part One: France


Overview: France, 1850-1914

The Second Republic

Louis Napoleon ends the Second Republic

The Liberal Empire, 1859-70

Article and exercises on the end of the Second Empire:

Fall of Nap III


Part Two: The USA


1860 US Presidential Election Map:


Causes of the Civil War:

Textbook chapters:

American Rep chap6

The war and Reconstruction:

American Rep chap7

Key documents:

Emancipation Proclamation

Gettysburg Address

PowerPoint Resources:

The Civil War:

US Causes of Civil War




Part Three: France and USA Economic and Social Transformations

FR Indust Map and Haussmann


Hist Chp 5 PPT Overview

Hist Chp 5 PPT US

Key documents:

Lowell System

TransContinental Railroad









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