Overview of T°OIB and Summer 2021 Assignment

This is the History book for obligatory background reading assignments in each chapter:

This is the corresponding Geography book for each chapter:


T°OIB Syllabus



Theme 1: Challenges to Democracy, Rise of Totalitarianism and World War II: 1929-1945

Chp1: Causes and impacts of the 1929 Crisis + Great Depression

Chp2: Totalitarian Regimes (Nazi Germany and Stalin’s USSR)

Chp3: World War Two (Survey of the war, Violence, French Experience)


Theme 2: The Post War Bi-Polar World and Challenges

Chp1: End of WW2 and Emergence of the Cold War

Chp2: A New Geopolitical Order and Emergence of the Developing World

a) Creation of Israel and the Arab Response *

b) Emergence of Mao’s China *

c) Vietnam War, 1955-63

d) French Republic and Nationalist Movements in Africa, 1954-62

e) Castro’s Cuba, 1959-62 *


Theme 3: Economic, Political and Social Changes: 1950s-91

Chp1: International Economic and Political Changes

a) Oil and Political Islam

b) Deng and Reagan

c) The Rise of the EU and Fall of the USSR

Chp2: Domestic Challenges within the USA and France from the 1950s to 2001

Pillar One: The USA

Impact of Vietnam War

Civil Rights Movement

Rise and Evolution of Conservatism

Pillar Two: Protest and Government Responses in the USA and France

1968 and Counterculture

Feminism and Women’s Rights

LGBTQ+ Rights




 Theme 1: Seas and Oceans at the Core of Globalization

-Importance of Maritime Space in globalization

-Unequal integration of territories into globalization

-Tensions between States over the control and use of maritime space (e.g. South China Sea)

Question spécifique: France and the USA – a comparison of maritime powers


Theme 2: Territorial Dynamics, Cooperation and Tensions in Globalization

-Unequal integration of territories into globalization

-The place of the USA in Globalization

-Examples of Globalization at different scales:

Local, Regional, Global

 Question spécifique: France – differentiated international influence and unequal attractiveness in globalization


Theme 3: Complex Dynamics: The European Union and Globalization

– The European Union and Globalization

Question Spécifique The differential dynamics of cross- border territories of the United States and of France in the EU. 



Summer work preparation for History Chapter One:

 Causes and Impacts of the 1929 Crisis, Great Depression and Responses


HG Summer Assignment for T°OIB 2021


Additional Resources to support Summer Work on the Great Depression :

1) Article explaining the different economic viewpoints of KEYNES and HAYEK:



2) Crash Course: Great Depression Episode



3) Crash Course: New Deal Episode








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