Overview of HG Syllabus and Summer Assignment



Nations, Empires, Nationalities (from 1789 to the end of the First World War)


Theme 1: Revolutionary Europe and the US Experience

1: The French Revolution and Empire: a New Conception of the Nation

2: Europe between Restoration and Revolution (1814-48)

3: Meanwhile in America…


Theme 2: France and the US – Politics and Societies

4: The Second Republic and the Second Empire

5: Crisis of the Republic – American Civil War

6: Industrialization: Economic and Social Transformation in France and the USA


Theme 3: France and the US – Politics and Society to 1914

7: Consolidating the Republican Regime

8: Continuity and Change in French and US Society, 1870-1914

9: American and French Imperialism


Theme 4: WW1 – The Suicide of Europe

10: Overview of WW1

11: The Home Front and Total War

12: The End of WW1 and Transition to Peace




The Dynamics of a Changing World 


Theme 1: Urbanisation: a Global Differentiated Process

1: Cities at a Global Scale: the Growing Importance of Cities

2: Unequal and Changing Cities

3: Urbanisation in France


Theme 2: Diversification of Spaces, Actors and Production Spaces

4: Production Spaces

5: Urbanisation and Coastal Productive Zones

6: France: Productive Systems – Local, European and Global


Theme 3: US Rural Spaces

7: Fragmentation, Diversification and Conflict in Rural Spaces

8: Texas Case Study


Theme 4: China: Spatial Changes

10: Development and Inequalities

11: Resources and Environments under Pressure

12: Spatial Reconfiguration: Cities, Coasts and Rural Change


Summer Assignment 2021:

Preparation for History Theme 1

HG Summer Assignment for 1°OIB 2021


1°OIB Summer assignment 2021 chps


Summer 2021 Homework Support Resources:


Crash course episode on Westward US Expansion:

Link to short video deconstructing the myth of the Alamo (3m):







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