OIB essay practice “examens blancs”

Choose 2 of the 4. Write one essay today, and the other you will write tomorrow. You must use 2 works for each essay (and 4 works in total — different works for each essay). For poets and short stories, you may use 1-3 as one “work”


term: min 5-6 sides

should really try to get to 8


  1. Vivid and striking imagery can be an essential feature of literature. Referring to two works on your OIB syllabus, discuss how the writers use imagery in particularly effective ways, and to what ends
  2. “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing.”  –Albert Einstein.  Discuss the ways in which knowledge may or may not be dangerous in two works you have read in your OIB curriculum.
  3. Literature often explores “the battle of the sexes.”  Paying close attention to the causes and consequences of gender conflict, discuss this theme in two works you have read.
  4. Many works of literature revolve around a journey, literal, figurative, or both—for example, from one place to another, from ignorance to knowledge, from self-centeredness to altruism.  Discuss how the journey theme enhances two works you have studied.

Send essay back for around 16h. 16h30 at the latest.

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