T° HG Revision

Revision is essential to succeeding in an exam. You face two exams: the 4 hour written paper (4 June) and the 20 minute oral exam (10/11 June).

You must ensure you have notes for all of the key topics in the syllabus. Having comprehensive notes ensures you do not miss out on any major topics and additionally, rewriting them in your own words will further consolidate them in your mind.

There are different ways to revise depending on what type of learner you are:

Visual learners often benefit from visual content including pictures, diagrams and symbols across colour-coded notes, flashcards, posters, prezzis or PowerPoints.

Auditory learners benefit through making recordings of themselves reviewing a chapter and then listening back to these recordings. Watching the many videos posted on the HG blog is also a good method of revising for auditory and visual learners.

Tactile (kinesthetic) learners may revise better through group discussions (eg a zoom call) and the physical act of writing out study and revision notes.

Make sure you look at the Key Questions for each topic to focus your revision (and try writing practise responses) and look at the Examen Blancs you have done including the feedback PowerPoints so you understand what mistake(s) to avoid.

Above all don’t panic, try to have a plan so you allow enough time to revise each of the six themes.

Here is a summary of the entire syllabus including the obligatory reading which is a good way to absorb sophisticated analytical styles of writing:

Summary of T°OIB HG Programme+Reading

Here is a collection of all chapters, chapter summaries, learning objectives and Key Questions (which are used to create the exam questions – remember, another great way to revise is by making up your own exam questions) and Key Terms:

T° OIB Theme Outlines and Vocabulary

So, don’t forget to review the EXAMEN BLANC FEEDBACK POWERPOINT below to help you avoid mistakes and make sure you know what you are facing.



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