3 thoughts on “Zoom Slides on The Third and Final Continent

  1. Themes:
    – Aging
    – Cultural differences
    – Adapting

    Links :
    – Symbolism of hands with Intimate Apparel

  2. The main themes of the short story The Third and Final Continent are:
    Multiculturalism ( India/Asia, Europe/Britain, America)
    Acceptance (marriage, adaptation, differences…)

    Main Links with other works previously studied:
    The importance of hands, touch, work [symbolic (piano)]-> Intimate Apparel and Robert Frost poems
    Chronological order and stream of consciousness -> The Handmaids Tale
    Being foreign, different -> Intimate Apparel, The Handmaids Tale
    Support of other people -> Intimate Apparel, Love in The Time of Cholera

  3. Themes:
    Arranged marriages
    Understanding and acceptance

    HMT: Foreign traditions like the japanesse and the handmaids / Mrs. Croft and the guy
    IA: Marriage as well as the change of living in a country then going into another one. George lived in Jamaica then went to Panama then to America.
    LITTOC: Acceptance.
    Frost: We never really know how the person is its amdiguous and we dont know the name of the man in the third and final continent.

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