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    Womens roles in society
    Interpreter of Maladise:
    disease sickness

  2. The main themes of the short story, The treatment of Bibi Haldar are:
    Women concerning its community and their roles
    Society, community, everyone is aware

    The links to other works previously studied are:
    Desperate search for true love and caring -> The Handmaids Tale, Intimate Apparel and Love in the Time of Cholera
    The sense of community -> Intimate Apparel and The Handmaids Tale
    Differences as a threat -> The Handmaids Tale
    Women’s traditional role in society -> Love In the time of Cholera, The Handmaids Tale, Intimate Apparel.
    Desire to fit in -> The Handmaids Tale, Intimate Apparel
    Existential crisis -> Robert Frost poems and The Handmaids Tale

  3. Tht and Ia: gender and society’s expectations
    Ia and LITTOC : pressure that accompanies aging
    Ia, LITTOC and Tht : fertility and age of a woman
    Tht : Lack of love that the femal character expresses

  4. Themes: gender inequality, marriage, society’s expectations

    Possible links: THT – gender roles / differences; IA – wanting to fit in;

  5. The themes in Bibi Haldar are mainly marriage, and the expectations put on women in society.
    This can therefore strongly link to The Handmaid’s Tale’s gender roles and expectations for women, and Intimate Apparel regarding the idea of love and marriage.

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