TERM Distance Learning Plan and Initial Schedule

Week 1: April 6-10

Tuesday, April 6th:

S2 ZOOM https://us04web.zoom.us/j/76140506759?pwd=dVlEL3MwSzFGUzBva01odEVMdGk3QT09

Check-in, Oral extract practice


Vacation Zoom Oral Practice Sign-ups:



Wednesday, April 7th

S4 ZOOM https://us04web.zoom.us/j/76497987064?pwd=cUlCZzBxMDY0MHh5akZKcXEzYk1pZz09


Vacation Homework:

REVIEW, Memorize Quotes, Prepare “Written Examens Blancs”

Show up for Oral Practice if you signed up


Week 2: April 26-30

Monday, April 26

S2 + S3

OIB Examen Blanc Essay

Zoom check-in

Subject sent

Send essay back before 15h30


Tuesday, April 27th


OIB Examen Blanc Essay Part II

Zoom check-in

Subject sent

Send essay back before 15h



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