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  1. LITTOC:
    Travek from panama to Us and India to the US
    Loneliness and how cultures judge each other japanaise judge Gileads customes and vis versa
    Clothing very importatn Handmaids tale red dress + Mrs. Sen’s sari colorful

    Frost’s poems:
    Very colorful description and a lot of adjectives.

    • Tht : Motherhood or at least the relationship a woman develops with a child she has to protect wether it’s her own or not
      Tht and Ia : Importance and symbolism of clothing
      Robert Frost poem : existential crisis, questioning your identity
      Tht : Food expressing a lot of feelings and symbolism (the egg for Offred, the fish for Mrs Sen)
      Ia : Migration and adapting to a new environment
      Littoc, Ia, Frost : letters and the feelings they come with

  2. The main themes of Mrs Sens short story are:
    Food as a connection with culture
    Isolation and loneliness
    Adaptation, how some succeed to integrate themselves in other cultures and others are not capable to keep aside their origins.

    In addition, some links are:
    The connection created through letters in Intimate Apparel, Love in the time of Cholera and some poems of Robert Frost
    As well as an existential crisis, expressed in most of the poems of Robert Frost and the importance of detail and color (mostly red) in The Handmaid’s Tale.

  3. themes: tradition, history, becoming a mother

    Links: linking to the handmaids tale, becoming a mother is the one job a women really has in India, that is her goal. To grow up, get married, and then have kids is what the stereotype was for the modern women in India. In the handmaids tale, handmaids only have one job. Because they are women and because they are fertile they are to make babies available whenever the “master of the house” wants it. using the women as a pawn in society and as a tool to achieve a family, women were used for their bodies in both Mrs Sen’s and in the Handmaids tale.

  4. Culture, home and roots, I believe to be the theme.

    There are many links, including that of letters with LITTOC, and IA. There’s also this aspect of Solitude that we also find in THT. Food, with the fish and the egg (THT).

  5. Themes: Home / Food / Traditions/ Culture

    Links: Letters: IA / LIC / Frost poems
    Solitude : THT
    Description: Frost / THT

  6. Themes in “Mrs Sen’s” are motherhood and the relationship with one’s child, tradition and the preservation of that very tradition.
    A few links could be the following:
    We can find a link in the type of existentialism and research on one’s identity with Robert Frost’s poems.
    The Handmaid’s Tale can be linked with “Mrs Sen’s” regarding the solitude and the importance of clothing.
    Love in the Time Cholera and “Mrs Sen’s” both talk of letters, as do many other works we’ve studied.

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