One thought on “Road Not Taken poems

  1. Choices :
    Maybe don’t maybe do
    You will find out one day if you look deep in you
    This crushing feeling
    Of not knowing
    Breaks my ambition
    Drowns my passion
    My hopeless heart
    Cries alone in the dark
    I don’t know what to do
    I can’t choose
    Choose the way I want to go
    The person I want to be
    It gets harder
    I always choose easy
    Afraid of failure
    I can’t stand the feeling
    Of not succeeding
    I can’t look at myself in the mirror
    It’s blurry
    Just like me
    Unable to focus
    On what really matters
    Should I take the chance
    Listen to my heart
    Take the opportunity
    To be who I want to be
    Or should I lay here
    Drowning in my despair?


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