Intimate Apparel: Class Discussion on Themes and Links


Independence + feminism / society’s expectations for women — gender roles and stereotypes — marriage

pg. 60 “You understand why I would rather not be divorced, at my age it would be proved disasterous”

Money and the American Dream

Relationships and friendships of women/solidarity

Power of silence and the unsaid — Communication / Miscommunication

pg 61 — “Esther wants to say something but she can’t quite find the words” (to Mr Marks)

“thank you for not asking” Esther to Mrs Dickson

Social class, discrimination, and racism

Work, craft, and the importance of hands — art

“DON’T! This quilt is filled with my hard work, 100 dollars every year I have been seated at my sewing machine”

Touch and the senses



Forbidden Love


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