Geography Theme 2: Living in a space with constraints


In this chapter you will learn about how certain places in the world have natural constraints that pose a challenge for the people who live there. The word constraint means a limitation or restriction. In geography a natural constraint is something that people must adapt to in order to be able to inhabit a place such as living on a mountain or a in a hot dry desert.

Document and map for Geography Chapter 3:

6° Geography Chp 3

Vocabulary exercises for Geography Chapter 3:

Geography chp3 Vocabulary

Adapting to a space with constraints summary exercise:

Adapting to constraints exercises

Living in a desert case study:

Few places on earth are as remote or harsh as the Namib Desert. Yet, humans and large animals have found a way to adapt to the unforgiving expanse

Link to CNN video ‘How humans and animals adapt to life in a desert‘ (5m39)

Watch the video about how people live in the coastal Namib desert in Namibia, Southern Africa.

Mountainous Environments case study:

Case study of how people have adapted to living in the Alps through the example of Val d’Isere.


Geography Theme 2: Chapter 4 – Living in an Agricultural Space

In this chapter you will learn about the different types of agriculture practised around the planet. Farming is particularly important in poorer countries where most people live in the countryside.

What is the different between Subsistence and Commercial Agriculture?

Geography Chp 4 Vocabulary

Geography Chp4 Text

Map showing different types of farming in Europe:

Ch 4 Farming in Europe 1

The future of farming: Vertical Farming in the city


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