Links between LITTOC and the HT brainstormed in class

Social Status: The hierarchy in the HT — Love in the Time of Cholera there is also a question of status for instance, Florentino manages to change his social status (motivated by his love for Fermina), and Fermina improves her status through marriage


Sex used as an escape or as a form of power

HT: Offred sees the possibility of using her body with the doctor, the guards, the commander, and Nick

LITTOC: Florentino to fill the emptiness of not having Fermina or perhaps other psychological issues and justifies it as “love”


Revealing the sexist structures of society and promoting feminism / decrying patriarchy

HT: women are used as objects/property – they can’t own anything and are “objects of procreation” , women cannot have control over their own money and are made property

LITTOC: viewed as “prey”, Fermina’s frustration in her marriage — “servitude” , Fermina is like the “property” of Urbino/doesn’t make her own choices

both use “irony” — Serena’s position in society anti-career

Use of flower imagery

HT: flowers represent fertility — Serena’s garden and her cutting of the flowers

LITTOC: Fermina wears flower representing  purity



HT: brainwashed society, sometimes a survival mechanism to manipulate others

LITTOC: Fermina is constantly manipulated by one man or another


Power of words

HT: not allowed to use words and write, Offred is sensitive to words, her narration is also like letter or a journal in a way — very personal , but she does speak to some sort of audience

LITTOC: letters, Florentino’s sensitive to poetry– uses this to manipulate women and continue his illusions of love


Deterioration and transformation of society

HT: new society

LITTOC: author tries to denounce colonisation/



HT: physical violence, mental violence

LITTOC: sexual abuse, “predator”


Projection of feelings onto nature

HT: Offred often talks about flowers and seasons to portray her feelings/her environment

LITTOC: world deteriorating, etc


Use of foreshadowing/suspense–non chronological narrative

HT: euphemism





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