Chapter 5 and 6 Tasks: Love in the Time of Cholera

Chapter Five Tasks

1.       ‘Lolita is characterised by irony and sarcasm. It is not an erotic novel.’ [Samuel Schuman, 1979] To what extent could you make the same claim about Love in the Time of Cholera?2.       Why is Garcia Marquez determined in every chapter to make references to the colonial past and the postcolonial present?

3.       What do you think of Garcia Marquez’s handling of his female characters?

Chapter Six Tasks

1.       Comment on Garcia Marquez’s use of America Vicuna in the final chapter; why does her memory and death hover over the narrative?2.       Florentino Ariza’s mature love letters to Fermina Daza ‘can be thought of as constituting the novel itself in different form…’ – Kathleen McNerney. Discuss

3.       ‘The same civilisation that idealises lovers produces a global wasteland, and the private fantasies of romance are rafts on a sea of public devastation.’ – Jean Franco. Discuss.

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