Geography Theme 2: Diversification of Spaces, Actors and Production

This chapter is about how, at the global scale, the principal places and actors involved in the production of wealth are undergoing change, becoming more numerous and interconnected in addition to being concentrated in metropolises and along the coasts.

Learning Objectives 

  • Identify the different types of production areas
  • To be able to define the role of different actors in the supply chain
  • Understand how production areas constitute networks
  • Understand the New International Division of Labor
  • Understand how the digital economy influences production area

Key Questions

  1. What are the different types of production areas?
  2. How are production areas changing in the context of globalization?
  3. What are the major actors of production at different scales?
  4. To what extent do flows drive global production?
  5. What is the impact of the digital economy on production area?
  6. How do metropolises and coastal areas fit into production networks?


1° OIB Geography Theme 2 Outline

Chapter 4: Production Spaces and Global Case Studies

Principal PPT support for first part of theme:

Geog Ch4 Overview


Map showing global trade flows:

Article about the Digital Economy:

Video: outsourcing explained:


Video on Outsourcing in Bangalore:


Example of a supply chain:

Video (12mins) on the Apple Supply Chain:


An article on the Apple Supply Chain:

Case Study of Singapore

1° Gg chp4 Singapore



Chapter 5: Coastal Production Zones

Principal PPT for second part of the theme:

Geog Ch5 Overview

Silicon Valley Case Study:

1°Gg chp5 Silicon Valley resources

Silicon Valley Exercises and Map

Article about Silicon Valley:

INTERNATIONAL CASE STUDY: San Francisco and Silicon Valley


Link to the atlas of the future article and maps:

7 ways to map optimism

Geog Ch5 PPT worksheet

Chapter 6: Productive Spaces in France

Geog Chp6 PPT Overview

Geog ch6 PPT worksheet

French Industrial Spaces


Brittany case study work

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