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Try the following “mindfulness” meditation. Follow the rabbit to know what to do. Mindfulness can help you focus, be more calm, and be a better friend!

Sideways Stories at Wayside School

The next book we will be reading is about a very silly and strange school! Here is the PDF document of the book: https://www.sps186.org/downloads/basic/465683/wayside%20school%20book.pdf?fbclid=IwAR2xoUt_-e63MYAZSUnXk17ZyfBDzU_YhTeG306ZUJIBkVQA_WejRfMGbeU

For Tuesday, June 9th read chapter 1-2 and answer the questions and send your responses to Mme Carpenzano’s ENT email

Chapter 1 Questions

A) What does Mrs. Gorf threaten to do to the children if they are “bad” or get a question wrong?


B) How does she do this to them?







C) Why did Joe cheat? What happened to him?


D) Why did Louis, the yard teacher, think everything was fine?


E) What happened to Mrs. Gorf at the end of the chapter?


F) If you had a mean teacher like Mrs. Gorf what would you do?

Chapter 2 Questions

A) What were the children afraid of?



B) What was Mrs. Jewls’ afraid of?



C) Who convinced Mrs. Jewls’ that the children weren’t monkeys?



D) What did she say the children had to do after realizing they weren’t monkeys?



E) How would you react if your teacher came in and insisted you were a monkey and not a child?



Chapter 3 Questions


What was unusual about Joe?



What other objects around the room did Mrs. Jewls’ have Joe count?



What does Mrs. Jewls do when the children misbehave in her classroom?


Chapter 4 Questions


How do some people learn best according to Mrs. Jewls? (2 sentences)



What happened to Sharie?


Chapter 5 Questions


How does Mrs. Jewls’ behavior system work?








What did Todd give the robbers?




Why did Mrs. Jewls circle Todd’s name?





What would you do if there was a robber in your classroom? (2 sentences)




Chapter 6 Questions

What is BeBe’s full name?



How long did it take for her to draw pictures?





Do you think Bebe is doing her very best work on her drawings? Why or why not?



Who do you think put more detail into their drawings- Bebe or Calvin? Why?










How did Bebe react to what Miss Jewls said about the quality of art?

November 3, 2020: Ghosts Literature Response, Chapter 4

Literature Response Chapter 4 • Pg. 156-end (Kindle Loc. 165-end)

Answer the questions below in complete sentences.




lacking   v., n. without …you will never be lacking in spirits to call your friends.




  1. Who does Cat dress as for Halloween? What is Maya’s costume?
  2. Why does Cat promise to give Maya three-quarters of her trick-or-treat candy?
  3. What do Cat’s friends say to her that make her get scared?
  4. Why doesn’t Cat want to go see the ghosts at the Mission? Why does Maya want her to go?
  5. How does Carlos’ uncle José bring Cat home?
  6. What fear does Maya tell José about? What thing of hers does she share with him?




  1. Why do you think the author/artist chose to have Maya dress as an angel? Besides being “sweet” or “good,” what ideas do you associate (connect) with angels? Think about the themes (big ideas) that come up in this novel.
  2. A motif is an image or idea that recurs (repeats) throughout a work of literature (novel, poem or graphic novel). What are some of the motifs you spotted in Ghosts? Think about things connected to weather and air. 
  3. A theme is the big idea behind a work of literature. Not the story, but the ideas and feelings the story explores. What are some of the ideas and feelings Ghosts explores? Think about your response to #8. How do you think the motifs in the novel connect to its themes?

Most narratives (stories) have both an internal conflict and an external conflict. The internal conflict is the protagonist’s (main character’s) struggle with themselves, conflicted feelings they have about something on the inside. The external conflict is the struggle between the protagonist and some outside force, thing or person. Often, a story’s internal and external conflicts are connected. For example, in the Harry Potter series, Harry’s internal conflict is about connecting with his parents, his struggle to understand where he comes from and why he has a scar on his forehead. His external conflict is with Voldemort, but as the series unfolds, it becomes clear that both conflicts are connected: Voldemort has something to do with both Harry’s scar and his disconnection from his parents. Discuss the internal and external conflict in Ghosts. What does Cat struggle with on the inside? How is this conflict connected with her struggle against external forces? A few other ways to think about this question: How does Cat both need and fear the ghosts? What does Cat want, what’s in her way, and how are these two things connected?

3° Areas of Low Population Density and their Assets

Key DNL Vocabulary:

Population Density:


Question Activity:

World Map demonstrating highly variable rates of population density across the planet:


Click on the document below to access Geography Chapter 3 about places of sparse population density in France (30 people or less per square kilometre):

Geog Chp 3


3° Nov Exercises about Chp3


3° Dec 2020 exam feedback

Resources for Urbanization in Nairobi, Kenya

Introduction to Nairobi

Nairobi is located in Kenya a country in the west of Africa. The city stretches across 684 square kilometers of land. It lies close to the eastern edge of the rift valley and is situated 1661 metres above the sea level. Mount Kenya is located to the North of the city and Mount Kilimanjaro lies towards south-east of Nairobi

The city has a population of around 4.3 million inhabitants and is growing by 22 people per hour. This means the city is expanding quickly and many people have to live in shanty towns or slums.



Text and photograph resource:


Video resources:

Video (5mins) about new developments in Nairobi:


Video (9mins) about the consequences  of rapid urbanization in Nairobi, showing Kiberia, a slum (shanty town):




TERM: November 2: OIB Oral Practice


Good News/Bad News


Meditation: Tonglen – Discovering the Boundless Space of Compassion (5:53 min.)



Vacation homework (comments on BLOG)

Tomorrow, bring Tempest to class. No essay.

Next essay=next week. Unseen extract practice.



Name of Examiner:                                                                                                                          Name of School:

Name of Candidate:                                                                                                                         Date:

L/L ORAL EXAM NOTES—may continue on back or on separate sheet

Passage given:                                                                                                                                Commentary begins:

Links made by student:                                                                                                                               Ends:


Tick the boxes of works you touch on during the oral:

Tempest Novel Poetry


Works in-depth:

Other works:

Intimate Apparel Play Novel Poetry Interpreter of Maladies World Literature Essay


Topics and themes discussed:





Stylistic devices touched on:








Overall impression:



Grade (if under 11 contact Inspector):


Continue comments on additional sheets.