History: First States, First Written Record

The Fertile Crescent

The first states developed in the fertile crescent of the Middle East.

Follow this link for a map of the fertile crescent:


The Fertile Crescent Intro

Mesopotamia witnessed the creation of the first city-states which were controlled by kings who fixed the rules. In Egypt, the territory was organized around the Nile under the authority of an all-powerful ruler – the pharaoh. His people considered him to be a god and constructed temples, palaces and pyramids in his honour.

Information about one of the largest early settlement: Çatalhöyük


Early Villages


Settlement: this is a generic word for a place where people live such as a farm,

village, town or city.

Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt was one of the oldest and longest lasting world civilizations. It was located along the Nile River in the northeast part of Africa and lasted for over three thousand years. The Ancient Egyptian pyramids are some of the most impressive structures built by humans in ancient times. Many of the pyramids still survive today for us to see and explore.


Link to a great site for information about the pyramids:



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