History Theme 2

History theme 2 covers the Second Republic and Second Empire in France and then turns its attention to the tensions in the USA between the North and South which led to the Civil War.

1° OIB History Theme 2 Overview

The Second Republic becomes the Second Empire

The chapter begins in France – click on the document below for further details:

The birth of the Second Republic

The following Powerpoint summarizes how the Second Empire can be divided into two phases: the authoritarian Empire from 1852-59 and the the Liberal Empire from 1859 to 1870:

The Liberal Empire, 1859-70


The next part of the chapter crosses the Atlantic to chart the steps leading up to the Civil War:

The following document provides a good overview of the causes of the conflict:

Reconstruction After the Civil War Chp

This document provides a chronology and explores the extent to which slavery was the cause of  the civil war:

US Civil War

This Powerpoint covers the bulk of what we study about this troubled period of US history:

US Causes of Civil War


Reconstruction after the Civil War

Overview PPT of the Reconstruction, 1865-77:


Crash course episode on Reconstruction:

Chapter about Reconstruction:

Reconstruction After the Civil War Chp


Industrialization, Economic and Social Transformations in the US and France, 1800-1870

The final part of THEME 2 looks at the rise of industrialism and how it transformed France and the USA.

  • During and after the Civil War the US entered a period of rapid economic growth (boom) due in part to government policies that changed the factors of production in the US.
  • These factors include: land (and its natural resources – wood, coal, iron ore), labour, capital, technology and entrepreneurship.
  • The National Bank provided capital and regulated lending and western expansion (promoted through government purchases and treaties) opened up a vast resource rich region.

PowerPoint for France:

Hist Chp 5 PPT Overview

PowerPoint for the USA:

Hist Chp 5 PPT US

Document on the Lowell System:

Lowell System

PowerPoint about the Transcontinental Railroad:

TransContinental Railroad

Crash course episode:








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