2°OIB History Theme 2: The 15th and 16th Centuries

This second theme covers the opening of the Atlantic results from the discovery of the ‘New World’ and includes a study of the Renaissance, Humanism and Religious Reforms.

Click below to see the Theme Outline and D.N.L vocabulary:

2°OIB Hist Theme 2

Resources for the Opening of the Atlantic:

This is the key text used for the first part of the theme:

The Columbian Exchange and Global Trade

These Powerpoint presentations summarize the main ideas studied:

Opening of Atlantic PPT

Voyages of Discovery

A further component of this theme is the Spanish conquest of South America and their encounter with the Aztecs:

Aztec Daily Life

Video links:

Plus the encomiendas system and the Valladolid debate:

Spain builds a colonial empire worksheet

Valladolid Debate

Resources about the Renaissance

These documents and Powerpoint look at why the Renaissance began and some of its key components:

7.4 Renaissance

Thomas More Facts

Renaissance Overview

The European History Crash course episode on the Renaissance:

The Reformation

An introductory Powerpoint which acts as a good starter about Martin Luther and the differences between Catholicism and Protestantism:


The European History Crash course episode on the Reformation:

Response to Luther





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