2 thoughts on “OIB Oral Practice, student example: Maryam

  1. Listening to Maryam’s oral exam, I noticed that she produced content of quality. Indeed, she presented the structure of the poem as well as the context and made a good transition to stylistic analysis, which was complete and precise. She deeply dissected the symbols, diction, rhythm and most importantly, themes. Her strategic use of literary devices made her oral sound rich though not heavy (she did not make a list of every single device she noticed, but carefully dispatched them so that they could be related to the point she was making). In the second part when she made links, I think she did a great job at transitioning fluidly from one work to another. What I liked most about the links part was that she made connections with her previous analysis of themes, so that her oral as a whole completely made sense.

    In my point of view, if Maryam had to improve something for her future oral exam, it would not be related to what she says but to how she says it. The only thing I could criticize is that she should speak maybe a little louder and add variations to her tone. I found her voice quite monotonous and maybe a little hesitant, though it appeared that she knew perfectly her subject. So if I had one advice to give her, it would be : be more confident, it’s the only thing that you lack for your oral expression to become perfect 😉

  2. Overall, I found Maryam’s oral complete. She did a very good analysis on style even if she could not finish. Moreover, her decision to do it stanza by stanza allowed me to follow her reasoning without getting lost. Furthermore, her deeper understanding of the poem was clearly exposed, and it could be impossibly argued that she did not understand what Robert Frost’s problematic was. The only regret I have so far, is that she did not seem to be confident although her knowledge was clearly there.
    About the links, all were relevant, and she connects all oeuvres without being helped. Un fortunately, the answers to the questions were a little bit hard to pull out of her mind, but she managed to answer her best to most of them.
    In conclusion, was a very interesting oral. It looked like a lesson for the first part of it, and then, even though the discussion was sometimes not fluid, I thought it was still nice and interesting.

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