Geography Theme 1: Case study of Mumbai


The megacity Mumbai is located in the state of Maharashtra in India on the west coast of India with an extended metropolitan population of aroud of 20.4 million inhabitants. It used to be known as Bombay until its name was officially changed in 1995.

It accounts for 1/3 of India’s tax revenue and is experiencing massive urbanisation due the growth of its economy in manufacturing. An increase in tertiary sector jobs such as IT and financial services means it has become a major centre for out-sourced work. It also has one of the largest film industries in the world located there, ‘Bollywood’. Despite this 42% of its population live in slums.

Resources for this case study:

Map to show location and expansion of the city:

Growth of Mumbai

Short video overview of slums in Mumbai:

An excellent website including maps and video about this settlement:

Case study map and exercise:

Mumbai Case Study of a LEDC Megalopolis





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