Geography Theme 1: Seas and Oceans at the heart of globalization

Welcome to Geography Theme 1.

This theme is focused on seas and oceans.

Start your learning with this introductory PPT:

T° Geog Theme 1

and the accompanying worksheet:

Geography Theme 1 PPT worksheet

Useful video resources include:

1) For ship routes

2) A link to a site with a maritime shipping map:

Main Maritime Shipping Routes

3) Video about shipping containers:

4. Holiday Homework Documents:

Geography Theme 1 PPT worksheet

Seas and Oceans AMQ Exercise

Don’t forget to check out the OIB METHODOLOGY section of the blog for help with AMQs.

5. Seas and Oceans as areas of tension: Video about the South China Sea:

6. The Ocean Economy Critical Reflection Exercise:

The Ocean Economy in 2030 worksheet


Chapter 2: Comparing France and the USA in terms of Martime Power

This is the key booklet for this comparative study of French and US maritime power:

France and US Comparison of Maritime Powers

Here is the introductory / overview Powerpoint used in the lessons to prepare you for the extended assignment:

Chp2 Martimes Powers Comparison

This is the base map used for French maritime power:

What is the extent of French Maritime Power

A recent NOAA report on the importance of the maritime economy to the USA:

NOAA 2020 econ-report

French Maritime Security report for 2015:


A very useful site explaining the power of the US Navy and how it is projected around the globe:



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