Literature Response Chapter 1 • Pg. 60-107 (Kindle Loc. 69-116)

Literature Response Chapter 1 • Pg. 60-107 (Kindle Loc. 69-116)

Answer the questions below in complete sentences.


VOCABULARY: discontented, tether, beacon, essence






adj., unhappy…unless you want to lure the discontented undead.

v. connect with rope- Ghost cruise ships tether here on Día de los Muertos.

n. a light set up as a signal…a beacon to light the ghost ships safely to port.

n. the main part, idea or feeling of a thing or person- …they absorb the essence of the world breathing around them.




  1. What is an ofrenda and who does Maya’s family create one for? 
  2. What do Maya and Carlos collect on the ground outside?
  3. How does Carlos get Cat to agree to go on the ghost tour?
  4. Name one landmark Carlos shows the girls during the ghost tour and mention one detail about it.
  5. According to Carlos, why do ghosts like wind?
  6. In the hospital, the doctor says Maya’s coughing attack was probably brought on by the cold. Why does Cat think it happened?




  1. When Carlos asks Maya what she’d like to ask a ghost, what does she say? Why do you think this is the question she has? 
  2. Compare Cat’s reaction to the ghosts with Maya’s. How does each sister feel about them?
  3. Take another look at the excerpt below to see Cat’s reaction to her sister’s question for the ghosts. How does the second panel show how Cat feels about what she just said?




  1. Cat’s parents blame her for Maya’s coughing attack. They say she should have brought Maya’s medicine with if they were going on a hike. Some people would say it’s a lot of responsibility to put a kid in charge of a younger sister’s medication. What do you think? Have you ever been given an important job but then made a mistake? What happened? Did you feel bad about it like Cat does, or did you have different feelings? 
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