History: The American Revolution

This key part of the final History Theme in 2°OIB paves the way for your ongoing studies in 1°OIB. The purpose of this chapter is to understand how a revolt in a British colony founded a new political model which recognized universal principles and was a source of inspiration for the French Revolution (which is studied in 1°OIB and forms part of the forthcoming Summer Assignment).

A fun way to start is by watching this video:

If you have time on your hands this video gives more detail:

Here is the chapter you need to carefully read, study and then use to answer questions 1-9 (don’t forget Britannica has a good section about this revolution too – if you have lost your password, just email me):

22.4-The American Revolution


There are also these documents:

2.4 American Revolution

2.4.1 American Revolution Part 2



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